Kernow Creative Partnership

Glass, Silk and Mixed Media Artist – Gudrun, lived in Munich, Berlin, Northern Norway and now lives in Cornwall, and was inspired by history, culture and nature of all these places and their surroundings. Her work was influenced by her journeys to European Countries as well as the US, New Zealand, Egypt and Japan, where the Japanese and Italian art has the most significant impact on her work. Her scientific career in Astronomy still is reflected in her work as well as her interest in art, history, culture, psychology and politics. Also her ever lasting dialog with her inner self and other people, whom she works with as a coach and mediator. Working in glass, textiles and mixed media, Gudrun develops a range of work which reflects what she has experienced across the world. Gudrun works with a range of motifs and landscape elements, which expresses emotions or has a deeper message that is relevant for her at that time. She loves to experiment with many different styles, media and themes and is always open to learn something new. Gudrun also likes to cooperate with other artists, share skills and ideas..


Gudrun is a member of :Drawn to the Valley and Kernow Creative Partnership. She has exhibited national and international.

Some of Gudrun’s work can currently be seen at the English Riviera Summer Open 2020 in Torquay